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Editors Note: The below post was written by a member of our community, justcause, on our forum. We asked her permission to cross-post it here. In the post below she's responding to the question "What do you think of Oh Love?" Our thanks to Angeline for letting us share this.

"Oh Love" single artwork
It feels really new and unexpected - love that, it has that freed-up Foxboro thing to it. Big thing is the vocal, so clear and close and expressive, and btw, I fucking love the lyrics - they're all edgey and angular, straight-up and mysterious at the same time. Also, completely obvious that this is both a now-song and the middle of a story, 'cause it's full of what-ifs, hopes and romantic dreams all mixed up with cynicism and despair. Don't you totally wanna know what's gonna happen this 'tonite', when all of it comes together?? Fuck, yeah!!

I like it that it's somehow low-key and epic at the same time, like it that it's not kind of obvious - that gives it that off-beat, slouchy Foxboro vibe too. Influences are upfront and unapologetic, again a Foxboro thing - I'd go 'All Right Now' for the verses, feel like 'The Great Pretender' vibe in the chorus is more of a reference. Beautiful, soaring-over bridge is all Green Day. Fucking love this song - it's full of everything.

The production is fucking amazing - fitting that the vid's 3D, because that's how it sounds, like this space has been created where where you can walk around all of the elements of the song and look at them. It feels deconstructed, like each instrument - and the vocal - is singled out, so that you're really conscious of their 'separate' presences, yet at the same time there's this total fusion, speaking in one voice, that I instantly relate to 'Insomniac'. Everything is serving the words - underlining them, snarling at their heels, taking 'em where they wanna go.

Regarding the pace of this song - it's not what I would term 'slow' in a simple way, it's really fucking slow, the pace is deliberate and emphatic, dragging. It makes you feel impatient, like how people have commented on this sense of waiting for the big explosion that's still out of reach by the end of the song - lol, the climax of one kind or another. Fuckit, this is expressing and amplifying what the words are saying - 'hours and hours, dog years of the day', 'I just can't be satisfied' - the pace is creating that sensation, like 'Static Age' created the nerve-jangling, overloaded chaos its lyrics spoke. This song does more than talk about stuff - it takes you there.

And fuckit, those words - can't you just imagine singing them under a summer sky, arms raised, the rebel romance of them, the liberating energy of them ?? 'Tonight, my heart's on the loose' - lol, I quote that line, and it's a fucking page-turner, because it begs the question 'and what's gonna come of that??'. Over to you, Dos.

So, you got this piece of abstract art, wrapped up in a very traditional rock song, with a compelling story at its heart. So fucking smart, so fucking intriguing, so different, so fucking cool. The prospect of these songs and these albums coming in waves is such fucking bliss - I feel like every song will be a surprise, a new place. I could say 'I can't wait', but I can - this here song today is a beautiful place, and I wanna stay with it till the next one comes.

-- Angeline
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