Nimrod Press Kit from 1997
As part of our never-ending quest to keep your Green Day cravings at a controllable level, we're going to bring back a segment from the past. Every so often, GDA will feature an eBay item that we think is unique, cool, rare, or just something that fans may be interested in checking out. We'll try to keep things as interesting as possible, because none of us need another "RARE PUNK GREENDAY STICKER"....ew.

The first Featured eBay Item is an original press kit given out to promote 1997's Nimrod. Some may be wondering what a press kit is, exactly. In the simplest of terms, it's a kind of band resume or portfolio, given to press and executives as a way to formally introduce a new release. This particular press kit contains information about Nimrod. Included is a hardcover, bound info-book, with band bios and other things inside. The kit also contains a window display, and a card with a few major promotional dates, such as appearances on late night TV shows.

Overall, this is a really cool item, due to its rarity. A relatively limited number of these were ever given out, as they were not available to the public. With a starting bid of only $35, the seller has actually been pretty reasonable with the price. At the time of this post, the auction had a little over six days' time remaining. If you're interested, give it a bid!
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