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[caption=Fan Of The Week: Cristhyne S]083012_chris.jpeg[/caption]Name: Cristhyne

5th or 4th most dangerous city in the world. No kidding. (Or Caracas)

How long have you been a fan:
7 years

Favourite lyric or quote (one-liner):
"Icons is the last chance for hope, when there's no such thing as heroes"

Favourite music video:
21st Century Breakdown and Holiday

Funniest Green Day moment:
The language barrier during the GD concert in Caracas! When they had a kid on stage to "save him" during East Jesus Nowhere, I'm sure Billie tried his best to tell him what he had to do, but the kid didn't seem to understand much so when his moment came the kid just stood there in silence for a few seconds, with thousands of expectant eyes on him, and finally just said "I love Green Day". Everyone on stage or off stage had a good laugh. Also people had to yell at the guy in charge of the spot light on Billie to turn it off during Holiday, because the guy couldn't understand Billie's instructions in English.

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