Fan Of The Week: Maria H.
Name: Maria Gloria H.
Location: Nottingham, England

How long have you been a fan: It got serious about 5-6 years ago, so I'm going to say then. Otherwise it's a bit vague because I wasn't really a big fan of any bands before then.

Favorite lyric or quote: "You found a home in all your scars and ammunition"

Favorite music video: Walking Contradiction or 21 Guns (don't kill me, I know I'm the only one who likes it)

Funniest Green Day moment: Looking up to see Billie randomly running offstage in just black panties - after Green Day had finished - at Rock am See comes to mind...

Share a little about yourself: My name's Maria Gloria and I'm from Nottingham, England. I'll be studying photography this year and I write novels, lyrics and poems which I hope I can get published one day. I make graphics and I play the drums too. Obviously I love Green Day! I was incredibly lucky to have followed the 21CB tour, although I did pay for it by getting made homeless. Oops. Worth every second, though!

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