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An ¡Uno! billboard, posted on GDC
Our featured eBay items are a day late, because of all the other news we wanted to get posted yesterday. But, now that ¡Uno! has been out for a few weeks, we figured we'd give you another excuse to spend money on trilogy-themed items. This week, you guys can check out some different posters made to promote ¡Uno!.

Just for you guys, we found about 5 different variations of posters. The dimensions vary, and so do the layouts. Measurements will be in inches, so if you aren't from the US, Google can help you with conversions. NOTE: Some of these posters have duplicates available from the same seller, rather than just one. Click on the dimensions above the picture to be directed to the auction page!

If you read down this far, here's another quick tip that might snag you some free goodies: most record stores and music shops have been doing a promotion involving ¡Uno! lately. If you buy the album in any format, vinyl or CD, they throw in some free stuff like 8" x 8" lithographs, full-size posters, trilogy sticker-packs, window clings, etc. I stopped into my local store, and got some cool stuff. If you're interested, contact your local record store or music shop and ask if they have any free ¡Uno! goodies left. Good luck!
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