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[pic=Green Day trilogy-themed iPhone case]040313_rsz_kgrhqzoqfcsfzpueubq5zn4htq~~60_12.jpg[/pic]Hey! Our (what used to be) weekly Featured eBay Items article hasn't been posted in awhile, due to a lack of really interesting Green Day stuff to post about. But, now, I think I've found something that will tickle your fancies. All of them. Especially you iPhone users/lovers/obsessors.

A seller out of the UK has some very cool ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ!-themed iPhone cases available. The cases can be bought to fit either the [url=]iPhone 4/4S[/url], or the [url=]iPhone 5[/url]. The two variations are linked separately, because they are different auctions. Make sure you're bidding on the correct style!

While these cases aren't official tour merchandise, they are professionally manufactured. The fact that they aren't "official" also, by rule, makes them about 5 times cheaper, which is a good thing. You can snag one of these cases for about $9 US dollars, with shipping from the UK to the US sitting at about $6 US dollars. Definitely a good deal overall for a well-made and extremely kickass-looking phone case!
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