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Hey guys, we just launched a new system for our news. Right now, it looks very similiar to what we had before, but we've made this new system from scratch to allow us a lot more room to grow and add features that you guys should enjoy.

For now, the biggest difference you'll notice is that when you're viewing a story, the comments are now handled by Disqus, this allows you to login to post a comment using your Facebook, Twitter, or a Disqus profile. This new system allows people to reply to eachothers comments, and gives us better control over moderating so we can kill off trolls much better. You can still comment as a guest, but creating or logging in with one of those profiles will allow people to view your profiles, and allow you to keep track of your comments. I suggest creating a Disqus profile, because it does a nice job of keeping all your comments - and Disqus works on many sites around the internet, so it'll track comments you leave on other sites besides GDA, if they're using Disqus as well.

You'll also notice when viewing a story, there are now links to go to the "previous Story" or "Next Story" if there is one. If you mouse over those icons, you'll see a preview of the title, when it was posted and who posted it.

On the bottom right of each post you'll see a list of tags that we've included on the story. This is a feature we're in the middle of finishing, and once done, it will allow you to click a tag and pull up all related stories. This will be active in the next few days, time permitting.

This is just the beginning, we have many more features we're working on - but I really wanted to get this system out the door so we could start hearing feedback and your suggestions. So please leave us a comment with your thoughts and suggestions how we could improve it.
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