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[pic=The bundle's cover]061813_rsz_81coc4lchql_sl1268_.jpg[/pic]Attention European fans, here's some news just for you, hot off the presses. Later this summer, a ¡TRÉ! + ¡CUATRO! bundle will be coming your way. This will (technically) be a re-release for ¡TRÉ!, and a first release for ¡CUATRO!, excluding those who received the movie as part of the trilogy box set.

So, that's what we know so far. Idiot Nation [url=]posted[/url] a "Coming Soon..." teaser with a photo of the cover. As for a release date, they only provided this summer as a possible timeframe. A tumblr [url=]page[/url] says "July 2013". Here's an [url=]link to the album[/url], though it isn't yet available for preorder.

This is just speculation, but maybe we'll see some kind of bonus or remixed tracks coming with this release of ¡TRÉ!. We'll find out soon enough!
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