One More Day

By Courtney /Jul. 9, 2002 / Comments
Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that there is only one more day left to get your banner in the GDA Contest. The contest ends tomorrow, July 10th. I just want to make it clear that even though I will not be accepting anymore entries after tomorrow, that doesn't mean the winner will be announced tomorrow. I'll announce the winner later this week. Besides me for a judge, we have Danny (GDA Webmaster), and Tyrone, co-webmaster of Green Day Fan Site and owner of The Official Green Day Top Sites List. Darren is not going to be a judge because he was entered in the contest before he joined GDA. So far, we have about 80 entries! To view them all, check out the Contest page. In other news, some new downloads were added to the Downloads page (some fonts and a new wallpaper by me). And here are the results of the last GDA Poll :

If you went to Pop Disaster 2002, who put on the best live show?

All of them were awesome : 30 Votes (8%)
Green Day : 313 Votes (89%)
blink-182 : 4 Votes (1%)
Jimmy Eat World : 3 Votes (1%)
Saves the Day : 1 Votes (0%)
All of them were awesome! : 2 Votes (1%)

Total Votes : 353

+ Once again, thank you everyone that voted! The new question is; Will you buy the Japanese Version of Shenanigans just for D.U.I.?. To vote, head on over to the GDA Poll. Also, GDA's affiliate 1039 Sweet Children would like you guys to know that her site got deleted, but the site will be back soon (by July 20th) with a new server. And that's about all for now....
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