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New tab section featuring ¡Uno!
We're happy to finally debut one of our most requested sections, guitar tabs. We've built a whole new system directly into our music section. When viewing an album that has tabs you'll see this little icon ♫ on the right side of a song's title. Click that icon to go directly to the tab.

To launch the new section we've written up the tabs for ¡Uno!, so go check them out. Here's "Nuclear Family" if you're interested.

Now we need help from you to do guitar tabs for the rest of Green Day's albums. Yes, we're aware that other sites already have some tabs, but they often have mistakes and we'd like to write our own that other Green Day fans can trust. If you've written tabs before and you're interested in helping out, send me an email, andres@greendayauthority.com, with the songs/albums you're interested in writing. We'd love to have tabs for ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! next.

Suggestions? Leave them in the comments below. Enjoy!
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