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Many of us have been hoping that maybe, just maybe, we might get some final dates for 2013 in the US or elsewhere in the world. With the announcement that the band was going to Australia in February, that left about 6 months where they could do shows. I was getting skeptical that they'd do anything since it's already so late in the year to announce tickets and venues, which we normally get months in advance.

During their concert at Leeds festival in England this past weekend, Billie Joe said it was the "last show for a long time," according to NME. I'm taking that as "last show until Australia next year".

Tre recently posted on Instagram "I CAN'T BELIEVE THE 99-REVOLUTIONS TOUR IS OVER!!!!!".

So with that, it does seem the band is taking a break from touring for the rest of the year. It wouldn't surprise me if they did a couple one-off performances, but not a string of dates. They have been touring since March so I'm sure they could use a break.

What they'll do in this downtime isn't clear. No word from the band themselves about it yet. I do know Billie Joe is supposed to be helping with a new musical titled "These Paper Bullets," maybe he'll do that. Maybe the band will do some more promotion for the trilogy or documentaries, maybe they feel like writing some more. I don't know, that is all pure speculation at this point. None the less, I look forward to whatever it is they want to do, because you know Green Day isn't a band that just sits around 6 months doing nothing.
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