These are my favorite Green Day lyrics. Lyrics that have stuck with me since I first heard them, either for their personal connection or just my own astonishment at the poetry of them. I'm sure many of you have your own favorites, I encourage you to leave them on the forum, or in the comments below.

5) "She" - Dookie (1994)

"She, she screams in silence, a sullen riot penetrating through her mind"

My take: Someone dealing with their mental anguish internally. Maybe showing the outside world one thing, but inside, screaming. "Sullen" is defined as "a sulky or depressed mood" - so dealing with the chaos of depression going on inside their mind.

4) "Coming Clean" - Dookie (1994)

"I found out what takes to be a man, well mom and will never understand what's happening to me"

My take: Getting to a point in life where you're understanding what society expects from a man or a specific gender, only to realize you don't fit that. Now you're worried about those closest to you not understanding.

3) "Jesus of Suburbia" - American Idiot (2004)

"It says home is where your heart is but what a shame, 'cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same"

My take: This one could mean multiple things. Maybe you don't want your "home" to be where your heart is, maybe it's yearning for something else. Or more generally it could mean "home should be wherever we want" without criteria. "Home" could also mean different things on it's own, physical home (literally where you are) or mental home (wanting to belong to a some group or circle of people you currently don't).

2) "Castaway" - Warning (2000)

"A conscientious objector to the war that's in my mind"

My take: Having to stand by while two sides of your mind fight over an idea, maybe about what's right or wrong in some situation, but feeling like and outsider in your internal battle or not wanting to be a part of it.

1) "Minority" - Warning (2000)

"One light, one mind, flashing in the dark, blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts"

My take: One person in a sea of others who have faced rejection. I think "flashing in the dark" could mean "sending out a signal, trying to find someone else out there like me". This is a tough one. It's my favorite line because it reads like really beautiful poetry, but it's definition is hard to feel certain about.
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