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[newsImage]042610_rollingstone-fbht-review.jpg[/newsImage] posted a recap of of the Foxboro Hot Tubs show that took place yesterday at Bowery Electric in New York City.
[quote]The show was a dervish from the first note, bodies colliding and songs arriving in white hot flashes. Armstrong spent more time in the crowd than onstage, repeatedly hurling his body into the audience and allowing himself to be passed overhead from one end of the room to the other. It was a rare and occasionally startling sight: a bona fide rock star coming within literal touching - and often, groping - distance of his fans.[/quote]

Larry Livermore was also at the show and [url=]he posted his review[/url], titled "One Night On The Bowery", on his blog.
[quote]Foxboro Hot Tubs, as you all will of course know, consists of five Green Day members plus Prima Donna's Kevin Preston, and they play a rather tight but sodden version of the raucous 60s garage-type music that I used to see quite a lot of at beer parties in garages in the, well, 60s. [/quote]

We don't have photos from Sunday posted yet, but you can check out our album for the Friday [url=]night show right here[/url]. These photos are from taken by Chris Dugan, who was also at the Sunday show taking pictures.
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