We're currently working on a 2013 recap zine which will be available in a limited print and as an e-book. It will recap Green Day's year and highlight some of our favorite memories as fans around the world went out to see the band live. We'd love to have many of you contribute something to the zine to share with other Green Day fans.

Tour Memories
Send in a paragraph highlighting some special memory you had this year while going out to see Green Day. Whether it was something about the show (maybe it was your first, maybe they played a song that meant something special to you) or about meeting other fans at the show, or whatever. Just some special memory you have about going to see Green Day live.

Meet-Up Photos
Some of you made plans months in advance to meet up with other fans, and we'd love to feature some photos of you guys hanging out. Send in a photo and include the names (usernames if possible) of everyone in the photos.

Green Day Fan Artwork
Did you draw Green Day related artwork, or maybe made some kind of digital image (funny, creative, whatever), then send it in. We'll have a section just to share some artwork with other fans. Of course your name will be published alongside the work.

Favorite Green Day Memory
This one isn't specific to 2013. We'd like for fans to send in their favorite memory related to Green Day the entire time you've been a fan. Maybe it was meeting a best friend because of a shared interest in the band, maybe you turned to their music at a certain time, maybe you listened to Dookie the first time you had sex. Just think through the experiences you've had as a fan and share your favorite memory with us.

Email any of the above (one or multiple) to gdazine@gmail.com, and let us know how you'd like to be credited.

The deadline for all this stuff will be January 10th. Thanks! We look forward to reading your contributions and including as many as we can in the zine.
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