Tré on Good Morning America in 2009
Gibraltar Hardware, a company that specializes in drumset and percussion hardware, interviewed Tré Cool at NAMM 2014 when he was representing the company at their booth.

Tré talks a bit about his typical drumset setup as well as why he likes using Gibraltar products. The interviewer also asks him about his approach to making his music.

"I try not to overdue it and play to the song and then choose my moments wisely. I try not to step on anyone's [toes] or anything. Once the song gets more structured, I say 'I'm gonna go off a little bit here' or 'this would be a good place for a drum intro.' I start stacking more parts on top once it's structured."

"I tend to have the same quiver of licks. I like to think I'm a recognizable drummer - I have my own sound."

Tré then goes on to talk about his approach to drum tuning/sound in the studio as well as live, mentioning that he often uses different setups for each song.

The full interview can be seen below. It's great to see Tré speak with a lot of passion and interest, something he obviously has for drumming.

Thanks to desertrose on the forum for posting the video
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