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Demolicious early draft
Tom Neely, the comic book artist who drew the cover for Demolicious, recently posted on his website a blog entry about his experience designing and drawing the artwork for the upcoming Green Day demos album, out tomorrow.

Tom explains Mike originally contacted him about drawing the artwork as he was a big fan of Tom's comic Henry & Glenn. He also speaks quite a bit about his constant back and forth communication with the band, mostly Mike, approving designs, drawings, colors, and more.

"I got a call from Mike Dirnt on a Wednesday morning while I was driving to the comic shop. We were talking about comics and stuff and then he mentioned that they have a record coming out for Record Store Day and 'We don’t have a cover yet. Do you wanna do it? It needs to be done Monday.'"

Tom goes on to discuss his three different designs, two the band came up with and one he himself did - the one the band ended up choosing. He also mentions and shows the various color schemes that were considered, including a red-tinted version.

Tom's entire post is a really good read and gives a cool insight into the process behind the design and drawing of the album's cover. The post can be read over on Tom's website.

Thanks to desertrose for posting this on our forum
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