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[pic=Billie Joe Sunday night]072214_bja-replacements.jpg[/pic]MTV writer Gil Kaufman attended The Replacement's show Sunday night in Kentucky as part of the Forecastle Festival. Billie Joe once again joined the band as a rhythm guitarist and background vocalist, his third show with the band since April's Cochella Festival.

Kaufman has written a [url=]great post[/url] titled "Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong Has The Greatest Summer Job Ever" regarding the observations he made of Billie Joe at Sunday night's show. Kaufman gives the impression in his article that Billie Joe was having the time of his life and was living a dream. Billie Joe has long mentioned he is a huge fan of The Replacements and have had a big influence on his music.

[quote]Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t the kind of dude who just sits around on the couch all summer watching soccer and baseball. No, the Green Day singer can’t sit still, which explains why during a break between his band’s touring and recording he’s scored the coolest summer job ever: rhythm guitarist for the reunited Replacements. Best summer job. Ever.[/quote]
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