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Riddle 1: First Riddle Post
Explanation: This riddle was inspired by Mike's awesome hashtag use on Instagram.
The first and second hashtags contains Instagram's slogan "Capture and Share the World's Moments", which should have lead you to an instagram image.
The second hashtag also contains “Green Day Moments” which should have lead to one of the band members images.
The third hashtag is another hint to Instagram because users often use “#nofilter” on the rare occasion when their images contain no filter.
The final hashtag indicates that the answer will be found on GDA.

Answer: This photo from Mike’s Instagram found in the Instagram photo album on GDA.

Riddle 2
Explanation: The Moonman, record player, and orange blimp are trophies for awards Green Day won during the American Idiot era. This should have lead you to the American idiot section in the Awards page. The awards page is a list of all the awards Green Day has won or been nominated for. Winners of awards often thank their families and friends who have “helped them along the way”.

Answer: Awards Page

Riddle 3: Part 1
Explanation: “God Told Me to Skin You Alive” is the title of the cover art of Insomniac. It can be found in album art work in the picture vault.

Answer: Insomniac Album Artwork

Riddle 3: Part 2
Explanation: This riddle was a combination of St. Jimmy and Homecoming with the lyrics altered with information about the GDA staff member, Jimmy. This would take you to Jimmy on the Staff Page.

Answer: Staff Page

Riddle 4
Explanation: Twenty years refers to the 20th anniversary of Dookie, which was celebrated with a modernized take on the iconic album art work. In the updated version the dookie battle is still raging on and god is no longer in his chair found in the top right corner. Other details that were changed include a “twerking Miley Cyrus”, an “iPad”, and “a man taking a selfie”. Sprinkled throughout the image are references to the bands history.

Answer: Modernized Dookie News Post

Riddle 5
Explanation: Remember the times when you should have read all the directions before starting? This was one of them. The letter seems to be just another set of riddles at first but if you read to the end, there are hints throughout suggesting they have been used before. These riddles are from the first riddles contest and the answer (plus saggy dildo’s unique answer) to this riddle lies within the the post that displays the answers. The post was made on April 15, 2013, the same date you see at the top right corner of the letter. “Hollywood is dead and gone” was the answer to the last riddle which leads you to the X-Kid lyrics page (in the album Tré) in the music section.

Answer: X-kid Lyrics

Riddle 6
Explanation: And then you realize this one actually is multiple riddles.
First chest: If you search up “ostracized” on GDA, you will see that the word found in the song meaning of “86”. If you had looked up the definition, you will have found that it means being excluded from a group, which may have brought you to the idea of a song about Green Day being excluded from Gilman Street. “Someone called love” are lyrics from “80”. This ends up being a math problem: “What’s the difference between 86 and 80?”
Answer: 6

Second chest: Hitchin a Ride, Longview, Geek Stink Breath, Oh Love, Minority, American Idiot, and Know Your Enemy are all the first singles off their respective albums.
Answer: 1 or 1st

Third chest: Did that image look familiar? How about this one?

Answer: 2013

Put them all together and you get a date: June 1st, 2013.

Answer: Emirates Stadium

Riddle 7
Explanation: At this point you may have started collecting some pink/purple letters and maybe realize you missed a few and need to go back to find them. Perhaps you didn’t notice them at all (We did tell you to look for anything unusual, so it’s not our fault). Once you’ve gathered all 18 letters you sit there wondering what phrase is going to become of this.
The hint given was the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons which is one of the words in the phrase.

Answer: “judgement and demons” - State of Shock off of Demolicious

Thank you for the lovely e-mails, including this one guy who seemed to be obsessed with “semen” and “nudes”. Until next time…

Love your evil riddlers,

Lone and Bum
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