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Green Day on cover of Diablo
Green Day is featured in the latest issue of Diablo Magazine, a monthly publication devoted to the San Francisco East Bay market.

In addition to gracing the cover, the band is the subject of a lengthy article celebrating the band's rich history and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, titled, Green Day's East Bay: From Gilman Street to the Hall of Fame, one of rock’s greatest acts never really left where it started.

The article takes a look back on Green Day's history and how they have come to be who they are today. The article also features quotes from many people in the band's, and specifically Billie Joe's, life, including Billie Joe's mother, sisters, and former music instructors. Band friend Corbett Redford is also quoted, among others.

Throughout the article, the magazine provides some unique looks at key events during the band's formative years supplemented with quotes from Billie Joe's mom and sisters.

The article can be read over on Diablo's website here. Below are some highlights of the article.

Billie Joe's sister Anna gives some insight into the band's reaction to learning they could no longer play at 924 Gilman due to their signing with Warner Bros.:

"It was heartbreaking for them because they loved that place. It was so crazy; these kids that they had grown up with were holding up signs and protesting them."

Steve Tipp, a former representative of Reprise Records, provides some insight into how the record company promoted the newly released Dookie:

"I was in charge of alternative radio promotion for Reprise when Dookie came out. After the album was released, there was a radio convention in San Francisco, and I coaxed all these music programmers from across the country to see Green Day play. I knew if I could get them to see this band play live, that’s all it would take. They came out of that show saying, ‘We’re adding this to our playlist on Monday.’"

Speaking of Green Day's Hall of Fame induction next month, Billie Joe's sister Hollie reflects a little on what it means to her and her family:

"We’re all so excited to be able to be there. It’s also a wonderful payback for all those rides we gave him to Gilman and for going to all those early shows."

Check out the entire article over at Diablo Magazine's website here.

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