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After Thursday night's raging, raucous Green Day show in Cleveland, our featured eBay items are a couple of the special shirts that were sold at the gig. They were selling like hot cakes — it looked like the merch table had prepared well and overstocked the shirts that they knew everyone would want to get their hands on. I got one, and I'll be holding onto it. The front of the shirt features small caricatures and song titles for each song on Dookie, and the back (pictured above) has Green Day's logo, "R-R-H-O-F" in block letters and the date of the show.

Luckily for all of you, there is an eBay user that felt otherwise, and has put two of the shirts up for auction. Here are the individual links to the first one and second one. The sales start at the shirts' original price of $35, but may get pricey-er as the auctions go on. If you're unsure about bidding, check out the photos of the shirts...they're awesome. The auctions don't end until next Friday, so good luck!

As an added item, here's a link to one of the limited posters (of 200) that were also sold at the show. They have the same artwork on them as the shirts. Someone has stuck a $250 Buy-It-Now price tag on the poster, but there is an option to make the seller an offer. Go for it, these posters will never be sold again!

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