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924 Gilman, the DIY venue where Green Day started, recently became a non-profit organization and is now trying to raise money to keep the venue going, lower door prices, perform some repairs and improvements, and the ultimate goal of potentially purchasing the building.

The first major event they've scheduled is a tribute to Dookie, which includes a recorded cover album by various Bay Area bands, and a live show on February 19, 2016. The album was recorded at Fantasy Studios where Dookie was mixed back in 1994. They've launched an[url=] IndieGoGo fundraiser[/url] to sell tickets to the show as well as the Dookie tribute CD ($25), and limited edition T-Shirts to support Gilman. They're also offering original artwork by Richie Bucker, the artist who created the Dookie artwork.


Check out the [url=]Indiegogo campaign[/url] for more details and to buy some stuff. The CD is $25 and comes out February 2016.


More info can be found at [url=]Indiegogo[/url] and [url=][/url]
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