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Here are the best Green Day photos of 2016 (as chosen by GDA visitors)!

11. Promotional group shot for The Late Late Show with James Corden from Green Day

10. Billie Joe Instagram Post NOT #666 - "Bang Bang" and Revolution Radio social-promotional post from billiejoearmstrong

9. One, two Tres? taken at The Fillmore show in Detroit, MI from letsdanceon

8. Promotion shot for #RevRad #1 from Rolling Stone. Hey let's take a photo inside of construction equipment!

7. #:D - Mike

6. Obligatory promotional shot with car for #RevRad #2.

5. Promotional shot for #RevRad #3. Promo shots getting quite the love!

4. Green Day with a cat. Is there anything more to say? Taken during the LA Hot Topic Meet and Greet from hottopic

3. Did someone knock? Taken prior to Green Day's Late Late Show appearance from Green Day

2. Group photo at this year's Washington D.C. show at 9:30 Club (my personal favorite) from laurenbanjo

And your number one photo is...

1. This really cute photo from their interview with a German magazine responding to questions using only gestures.

If you want to check out additional photos from this past year, or any previous years for that matter, check out our photos section. Happy 2017 GDAers!
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