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The website MusicFeeds.com out of Australia had the chance to chat with Mike Dirnt in the lead up to Green Day's first stop on the Australian Revolution Radio tour, which kicks off this Sunday in Perth.

Mike talked quite extensively about the back catalog of unreleased and unheard material the band has sitting around.

"We kind of have a Machiavellian catalogue of shit lying around. We have SO much stuff, and some of it has morphed into other songs… you know, a song that took 10, 20 years to evolve but started off as a jam or started off as us singing a different lyric to it or whatever. I mean, there’s little opuses in other songs and things like that we’ve done that people have never heard."

Mike goes on to talk about the quality of the recordings of these songs and how impressed he is with how good they sound.

"What’s cool is that a lot of it’s recorded really well, too. So a lot of that stuff – there’s cassette tape, demo tape stuff – but there’s also stuff that was recorded very well that sounds like it could be on a record, you know? We just didn’t put it out. Which is really nice the way recording is nowadays, it’s so cheap to record things that sound great, not like those crappy cassette tapes. But we do have a lot of those as well, it’s really neat."

Inevitably, Cigarettes and Valentines, Green Day's "lost" album recorded before American Idiot, was brought up. MusicFeeds mentions that rough mixes of the songs from the album are in the possession of the band and are described as being “quick-tempoed punk”.

"I don’t know when they’ll see the light of day, but me and Billie always said ‘at some point everything comes out in the wash’. So, you know, at some point it’ll all come out."

Check out the full article on MusicFeed's website.

If the band were to release this material at some point in the future, what would you be most excited to hear? Cigarettes and Valentines? Something from the Insomniac era? Let us know in the comments.
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