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For the past few years, Green Day have partnered with the Oakland Athletics baseball team for various events and promotions, including a "Green Day Night" at their ball park.

This time around, the A's are offering a [url=]special ticket package[/url] for Green Day-loving sports fans who can make it to the Bay Area. Buyers will receive:

  • a Field Level ticket to both the Oakland A's game against hometown rivals, the San Francisco Giants) on July 31

  • a General Admission ticket to the Green Day show at the Oakland Coliseum on August 5

  • a limited-edition Oakland A's + Green Day shirt, featuring the RevRad cartoon cat

...all for an $89 total!

Here's the shirt, which we love:

There's no word on how many tickets are up for grabs as part of this bundle, so [url=]check it out[/url] while you can!
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