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After weeks of teasing, song releases, and some small club shows, Billie Joe's side-project band The Longshot has released their debut album, Love is for Losers.

The 11-song album has been rolling out around the world for the past 18 hours or so, starting in New Zealand and Australia early Thursday morning US time.

The album includes the three previously-released songs on [url=]The Longshot EP[/url] as well as "Kill Your Friends" and "Body Bag" which were just [url=]released earlier this week[/url] on the band's YouTube channel. All songs were written and played by Billie Joe, with the exception of "Happiness" and "Goodbye to Romance". The former features Billie Joe's son Joey (SWMRS) on drums while the latter is originally by Ozzy Osbourne. The album, with the exception of "The Last Time" ([url=]Lee Bothwick[/url]), was recorded by Chris Dugan. Dugan also mixed all of the songs on the album.

Love is for Losers is now available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music, as well as streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

The album's track list:
1. The Last Time (originally from These Paper Bullets)
2. Taxi Driver
3. Chasing a Ghost
4. Body Bag
5. Love is for Losers
6. Cult Hero
7. Kill Your Friends
8. Happiness
9. Soul Surrender
10. Turn Me Loose
11. Goodbye To Romance
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