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quick update

Dec. 30, 2005 / Comments
There's not too much going on now, and we aren't online very much as we enjoy the much needed vacation from here. But I've noticed a lot of GD websites going down recently so I thought we should do an quick update.

You can read this article from HNN about Bullet in a Bible and Green Day's whole anti-war movement.

Also I'd just like to back up something posted on GD.net. Billie Joe nor anyone from Green Day or their family have a MySpace account. If you believe that you are reading their account, or have chatted with them, you got fooled. There are some people out there who claim to be Green Day out of boredom, but don't be so gullible. They don't have MySpace accounts. Trust us.

This is the last update till next week. If your bored, join the forum and find something to talk about. We wish you all a very safe, fun new year.
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