Hey you sexy mother fuckers. Mike is on the cover of this months Bass Guitar magazine. The article is an interview with Mike and producer Rob Cavallo about the bass sound in American Idiot.

Below are the scans from the magazine.
Cover - Fender Ad - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

There are a couple pages of Green Day in this weeks Kerrang! Magazine. Mostly about their live show, but also a small blurb about their old drummer John Kiffmeyer. Our thanks to Ros for sending in these scans of the articles to GDA.
1 - 2 - 3

Have you ever wanted to see Billie kick someone's ass? Well we have a short clip of Billie jumping into the crowd at a show in 1997 in Fillmore, CA. Apparently the guy was being a jackass with other people, but we can't really tell. Anyways, watch for yourself, it's pretty inspiring. Click here to download, then talk about the video here.

For all you MySpace lovers we have created a GDA MySpace Group for you to join, talk, and meet with other Green Day fans on there.

As hesitant as I am to ask, we need your help. Our bills have come in, and last month wasn't a very good month of income for GDA since we were gone most of the month. Our server bills are up to $450 this month, and we would appreciate any donations. That $450 is for our main server, forum server, and our media server (which is in the process of being setup). We appreciate any help from you guys.
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February 2023
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Feb 01:
Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
Feb 17:
Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!