The Idiot Club is reporting that Green Day's video for "Stray Heart," the first single from ¡Dos!, will be making its world debut tomorrow morning at 9:00am EST Wednesday morning. At the moment, it is unknown where it'll premiere. Though ... read story
Entertainment Weekly has had the chance to listen to and review ¡Dos!. EW gives the album a B+, despite some not-good yet not-bad things to say about it. This was more of a commentary than a review. None-the-less, it's an interesting ... read story
The official Green Day site out of Germany,, has posted a great contest and some pretty awesome content from ¡Dos!. They just started a contest where residents of Germany can drive around the country to various cities and find ... read story
Here we go again. NME has gotten their hands on an early copy of ¡Dos! and they have reviewed it track-by-track. It being NME, I think you all can guess how this one plays out. Overall, they're not too impressed with the album, and ... read story
Green Day's song "Stop When The Red Lights Flash", coming on ¡Dos! next month, is being released a little prior to the album release because of its inclusion in the game Need For Speed - Most Wanted '12, which is coming out this Tuesday, ... read story
"Stray Heart", Green Day's first release off their next album ¡Dos!, is now available for purchase from the iTunes UK store for £0.99. It's also available in Ireland, Germany, Australia, Italy, and more. The song is also available on ... read story
Holy shit. I bet you're ready to hear a clip of the famous yet-to-be-released song "Amy." Well you're in luck! It is part of the new Green Day-scored CSI episode airing tomorrow night on CBS. Take a listen below. CBS also released a ... read story
iTunes has updated their Green Day page allowing you to preorder Green Day's next two releases, ¡Dos! which will be released on November 13th, and ¡Tre! which will be released on January 15th. There are two versions of each album ... read story
Here's the trailer for ¡Dos! which comes out November 13th Thanks to Burnout98 for sending this news ... read story
The official Green Day store now has a ¡Dos! bundle available for pre-order. You can pre-order to get the following items: Green Day ¡Dos! CD T-shirt featuring trilogy artwork Trilogy lighter Black mug featuring Kill The ... read story
Just as was done with ¡Uno!, the official store has put up a pre-order for the ¡Dos! lyric and artwork book, which comes with a copy of the CD. ¡Dos! is due out on November 13th, which is also when you should receive the book, if you ... read story
When new albums are announced, usually one of the first thoughts that fans have is, "What will the first single be?" The lead single is usually supposed to give the general public a good idea of what can be expected from the album as a ... read story
A few days ago, put the new ¡Dos!-themed Converse Chuck Taylors up for sale. The Converse site doesn't seem to be posting these, but the ¡Uno! shoes are already featured on their main page. Those were released a few weeks ago ... read story
Zane Lowe just premiered the first single off ¡Dos!, "Stray Heart," on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. "Stray Heart" was expected to be the Idiot Club exclusive stream that we were expecting today, but Radio 1 beat them. The song fits right into ... read story
The following was posted on Green Day's official Facebook page last night This Monday, a new song from ¡Dos! will premiere in Idiot Club! Make sure you're a member if you aren't already!/ You can register for the Idiot Club here. If you ... read story
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