Green Day's official fan club, the Idiot Nation, has just posted their video Q&A with Jason Freese, the band's touring keyboardist, saxophone player, accordion and backing vocalist. The questions answered in the video were submitted by ... read story
Like they did with most recently with Tre, the Idiot Nation is holding another fan Q&A, this time with Jason Freese. Mr. Freese is Green Day's touring keyboardist, saxophone player, accordion and backing vocalist, who can be seen behind ... read story
Green Day's tour musician, Jason Freese, has been interviewed by Brazilian fan site Green Day Eulogy. In the interview they talk to Jason about how he became a touring member of the band, what it's like to tour with them, and about his ... read story
Tattoo artist Kat Von D released a new book, "The Tattoo Chronicles" in October, and it includes some Tre Cool in it. Kat did Tre's "Horsehoes and Handgrenades" tattoo. In the book he says, The tattoo is inspired by a Green Day song, ' ... read story
Every week we take a look back at all of the tweets that Billie Joe has posted on the official Green Day twitter account and post them here for those of you who don't have twitter. September 10: Thank you bobbie! ... read story
Jason Freese, one of the back-up members of Green Day who plays keyboard when the band is on tour is featured in the tattoo book, High Voltage Tattoo, by the famous female tattoo artist, Kat Von D, for his "Holiday Bombs" tattoo. It ... read story
Green Day played last night in Minneapolis, MN. Those in attendance were lucky enough to hear "Minnesota Girl", a song Billie Joe wrote for Adrienne (she's from Minnesota). I'd really love to hear a better quality version of this song, as ... read story
We have a new video! This one shows Mike playing the bass and a bit of Tre drumming, also a quick bit of Jason Freese. Thanks to Mari and Jake for submitting the video to us as soon as it came out ... read story
In an email to MTV, Green Day has finally confirmed that they are the Foxboro Hot Tubs"We think that the only similarity [between the Hot Tubs and Green Day] is that we are the same band. That is basically the only similarity," the Hot Tubs ... read story
More pictures and videos are coming out of Pinhead Gunpowder's ongoing mini tour. The photo on the right is from Babe's Warehouse, Feb. 2, 2008. We've also added photos by Ben Goetting. 40+ pictures have been added to the Picture Vault. ... read story
A trailer for the documentary film oneninenefour, about the explosion of punk rock in the 90s, which was led by the meteoric rise of Green Day, has just been released and is posted on the film's website. It features interview clips with Fat ... read story
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