As we posted a few weeks back, Spotify has chosen Green Day as the focus of one of its Landmark video series. The four-part mini documentary is free for Spotify subscribers, and episodes two and three are now available for streaming. ... read story
Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout! Records and most known to us as the-guy-who-signed-Green-Day, has written a new book about the record label and the bay area scene it was a part of. "How To Ru(i)n A Record Label: The Story of Lookout ... read story
Lookout Records founder and music aficionado Larry Livermore has written a great recap of his weekend in Cleveland with Green Day as they were inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in April. Larry, who originally signed the band ... read story
Alternative Press have announced this morning that The Lookouts, who featured Tré Cool, Larry Livermore (Lookout Records founder), will be having some of their original songs rereleased for the first time in over 30 years. The ... read story
Lookout Records founder, Larry Livermore, is just a few weeks away from releasing his first book Spy Rock Memories on June 4th. The book is a memoir of his time living in Northern California where Larry started his record label, started a ... read story
Over the past few years we've posted quite a bit about Larry Livermore's web series, Spy Rock Memories, that has included stories from Green Day's beginnings and Larry's history with Tré Cool. What most don't know, though, is that over ... read story
The Adeline Records compilation The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore is officially available in stores and available for online purchase today. In late summer last year, Billie Joe asked Lookout Records founder, Larry Livermore, to put ... read story
Originally set to be released in 2008, punk rock documentary One Nine Nine Four finally got an online release after years of setbacks. Narrated by Tony Hawk, the documentary explores the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk ... read story
In celebration of Adeline Records newest compilation The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore there are multiple release shows taking place on the East Coast with many bands from the compilation performing. Here are all of the shows that ... read story
Adeline Records has announced that the upcoming compilation from Lookout! Records founder, Larry Livermore, will be out on May 29th. The compilation will features bands handpicked by Larry. Larry wrote on his blog last September about why ... read story
In part two of The Green Day Authority's interview with Larry Livermore which was recorded in London last December, Tony and Larry talk quite a bit more about the music, and debate the meaning of punk rock. Larry also fields some questions ... read story
After a long wait (sorry!), i'm delighted to present the 1st part of the GDA/GDC interview with Larry Livermore, which took place in London towards the end of last year. In this opening part, we mostly discuss Larry's upcoming book Spy ... read story
In this weeks issue of Kerrang! Magazine, Larry Livermore - co-founder of Lookout Records, talks about Lookout closing and about why he signed Green Day. This issue of Kerrang! is available on newsstands and online now over on Kerrang. ... read story
It's kind of a sad day in Green Day history as Alterntive Press writes that Lookout Records - the label founded by Larry Livermore and gave Green Day their first record deal in the late 80's - officially closes down. Larry left Lookout in ... read story
Artwork for the upcoming "The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore" compilation was revealed this week. The artwork has been created by Larry Livermore's friend and bandmate from The Potatomen, Patrick Hynes. This is from Alternative Press: ... read story
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