In this weeks episode of the podcast we talk about Demolicious and preview tracks written by Billie Joe for "These Paper Bullets," as well as a cover of "Good Riddance" released yesterday as part of Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2. Length: 38min ... read story
The Foxboro Hot Tubs graced us with their precense once again, this time in Austin, TX - so we talk about the shows. We also talk a bit about These Paper Bullets and the new songs Billie Joe wrote for the production.   Episode Length: ... read story
This week on our podcast, Static Noise, we recap the Australian tour that Green Day has just wrapped up. We also talk a little more about Demolicious and The Dookie Chronicles from Rolling Stone. Subscribe to the show and leave a ... read story
Green Day is getting ready to go to Australia and Adeline is releasing some new Green Day vinyl. Billie turns 42, and of course that conversation quickly leads us to "do you think he looks younger" and "what's your favorite hair style", it' ... read story
This week's epsiode of our podcast Static Noise, we talk about Billie Joe performing on the Grammy's, Tre's new signature drum kit, Billie Joe's new signature guitar, and of course, Dookie's 20th Anniversary. We speculate about what we ... read story
Happy New Year! On this episode of Static Noise, Matt, Jimmy, Jack, and Tony talk about Phil Everly's passing, "Billy" Joe Armstrong's appearance on SNL, and Tre's new alliance with SJC Custom Drums. Also, we speculate on Mike's ... read story
After a very very long time away, we've decided to bring back the Static Noise Podcast, a show where some of the GDA team gets together to talk about all the latest stuff going on in the Green Day community. This week we talk about " ... read story
Today we're launching a "new" podcast called 'Dirty Rotten Bastards' with myself and Mikey, who some of you might know from our previous show. This show is kind of about Green Day, and kind of just two friends who met through Green Day ... read story
We're excited to bring you guys another episode of our Green Day podcast "Static Noise". This week we talk about Cuatro, our top 15 trilogy songs poll and some predictions about what press Green Day will be doing before the tour starts. ... read story
This week on Static Noise, it's a special episode! Matt, Jimmy and Jack talk about their thoughts, opinions and everything in between about the trilogy of albums. We discuss some controversial topics such as whether the band should have ... read story
Static Noise is finally back! In this episode, Matt is joined by Jimmy and Jack of the GDA news team to discuss some of the biggest happenings from the last couple months in the Green Day World. The gentlemen dicuss the band on Instagram ... read story
82: ¡Uno! is a pretty good album We talk about "Lazy Bones", our favorite tracks off ¡Uno! and of course Green Day's performance at iHeartRadio and Billie Joe. Listen to the show Or you can right click this link to save the file ... read story
81: Our thoughts on our ¡Uno! We talk about the ¡Uno! leak and give the highlights: our favorites, our least favorites, and we rate the album compared to other Green Day releases. Listen to the show Or you can right click this ... read story
79: Episode 70-oh fuck We give our opinions on Let Yourself Go, the Kill The DJ Music video, and the announcement of Green Day's North American tour. Listen to the show Or you can right click this link to save the file directly ... read story
This week on Static Noise, Matt talks about Green Day's recent shows in Japan and the UK as well as all the other fun stuff that is going on. Listen to the show Or you can right click this link to save the file directly. iTunes You can ... read story
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