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There are 4 songs left in our tournament to determine the best Green Day guitar solo. Out of 92 songs, these are the remaining 4 that you guys have voted to advance. "Hitchin' A Ride" vs. "Let Yourself Go" "Dirty Rotten Bastards" vs ... read story
After a short delay (sorry about that), round 5 of our Best Green Day Guitar Solo tournament is finally up. 8 songs remain out of the 92 we started with. This round truly is 'old vs. new,' with the following random match-ups: Dry Ice vs ... read story
Just announced last week, Green Day was nominated for several World Music Awards. The band was nominated for Best Album with ¡Dos!, Best Group, and Best Live Act. Voting is now open to the public. Click here to visit the voting page ... read story
We're down to 16 songs in our "Best Green Day Guitar Solo" tournament. In the last round you guys voted for one song to advance of the remaining 23, and the top 16 with the most votes have moved on. Check out the tournament page to see ... read story
After two rounds and 46 songs eliminated, our tournament moves on toward finding out which Green Day guitar solo is the fan-favorite. Due to an uneven number of guitar solos (making 1 vs. 1 match-ups impossible), round 3 will occur in the ... read story
Round 1 is now done in our Best Green Day Guitar Solos tournament. The first round had 92 songs up against one another, and today round 2 starts up with the 46 songs a majority of you voted to advance. You can start voting in round 2 on ... read story
The GDA team is always thinking of new ways to entertain and inform all of you. The latest event on GDA is sure to do just that. Starting today, all of you will be able to vote for your favorite of Green Day's many guitar solos in a ... read story
Which album would you most like to see played live, front to back? Cast your vote, and tell us why in the comments below ... read story
Yet again, Green Day has advanced in MTV's Musical March Madness competition and are now up against 30 Seconds To Mars. Right now the voting is pretty neck and neck with Green Day barely holding the lead with 51% of the vote. If Green ... read story
Green Day has advanced to round three in MTV's Musical March Madness, defeating the Tegan & Sara in round two. Green Day has taken an early lead in this week's vote against Fun. Vote for Green Day now by clicking here. If Green Day ... read story
Green Day has advanced to round 2 in MTV's Musical March Madness, defeating the Deftones by 20% of the vote in round 1. The band is currently ahead in it's next match up with Tegan & Sara by 16%. Vote for Green Day here. If Green Day ... read story
Yep, it's that time of year again! Today marks the start of MTV's annual "Musical March Madness" competition. In round one Green Day are up against the Deftones and are currently in the lead holding over 70% of the vote. In 2011 ... read story
A Green Day LEGO set? Not yet, but it's an idea from a user on LEGO Cuusoo, a site where users can submit their ideas for LEGO's next product. User Gresh250 created this amazing looking mock-up of what a Green Day LEGO set would look ... read story
Currently, Loudwire.com is holding a poll asking their readers what is their most anticipated early 2013 rock tour and Green Day is in the running. Honestly, I think that this is pretty much a no-brainer. If you have ever seen Green Day ... read story
Green Day fans, unite! Green Day is currently nominated for a "What's On Stage" Award - the only awards where fans and theatergoers have a chance to vote for their favorite productions. Green Day's American Idiot Musical has been nominated ... read story
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