Here's an explanation of the project for those who don't remember: Each week, you guys can send in recordings of YOU playing the selected song on the instrument of your choice. Each week will be a different instrument. For example: Week one will be drums, week two is bass, so on and so forth until we have enough instruments (and vocals) to put the song together. A submission from each week will be chosen to be included on the final mix. Both males and females are encouraged to participate... especially for the vocals.

All this month, we will be accepting entries for "Walking Contradiction" off of the Insomniac album.

We are happy to announce Anthony as our winning guitar entry. His track can be listened to below.

Here is a demo mixdown of the instrumental track:

Download the instrumental demo

We are now accepting vocals entries which will be due Friday, February 4th by 11:59pm EST.

Here are a couple rules for vocalists:
- Keep in time with the instrumental track
- No background music (ex: the instrumental track)
- Must submit high quality mp3 (256 kbps or better)
- Upload mp3 to preferably MegaUpload - Otherwise, use MediaFire

If any of these rules are broken, your submission will not be accepted.

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Submit your track:
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