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Questions about Green Day
How can I contact the band?
There's no certain way to get a hold of them. The Idiot Club used to take questions for the band, some of which they'd answer in monthly videos - but that hasn't been done in years. The best option (still with no guarantee they'll see it) is send letters to:
Green Day
c/o Warner Bros. Records Inc.
P.O. Box 6868
Burbank, CA 91510
Are Green Day touring in my state/country this year?
Quite possibly! Green Day are currently embarking on a 2017 tour for their latest album “Revolution Radio”. You can find all their announced tour dates on our tour page.
Are Green Day splitting up? / Is their next album going to be their last?
Of course not. This rumor always comes up with a new album. The band has said numerous times they don't plan on ever breaking up. Billie Joe has said in interviews that the only way anyone is leaving the band is in a body bag.
Do any members of Green Day have any social network accounts (Twitter/Facebook,etc.)?
Yes! Over the past couple years Green Day has been been using technology quite a bit. Here are the verified Green Day accounts on the web:

@GreenDay - The official Green Day twitter account which all three members have posted on in the past. @BJAOfficial - Billie Joe's official Twitter
@MikeDirnt - Mike Dirnt's Official Twitter
@JeffMatika - Jeff Matika's official Twitter

Facebook - The official Green Day Facebook

@GreenDay - Green Day’s official Instagram
@BillieJoeArmstrong - Billie Joe’s official Instagram
@MikeDirnt - Mike Dirnt’s official Instagram
@TreCool - Tre Cool’s official Instagram
@jw_gd - Jason White’s official Instagram

Please note these are the only official accounts. Any others out there claiming to be Green Day or members of Green Day are imposters.

Can I have Green Day's email address?
They are busy men, and we respect their privacy, so we don't publish any personal contact information.
When did Green Day get together?
Billie Joe, Mike, and original drummer John Kiffmeyer (Al Sobrante) formed Sweet Children 1987. They later changed their name to Green Day and Tre joined the band between the release of 1039/Smooth and Kerplunk. Full band biography
What is John Kiffmeyer doing now?
He left Green Day to attend Humboldt State University. He's married and lives in the San Francisco area with his wife and kid, and is currently doing photography/videography.

He did rejoin Green Day for a one-off Sweet Children show at House of Blues in 2015.
Questions about GDA
When did GDA start?
GDA was first started as 'Courtney's Green Day Page' in summer of 2000. In July 2001 the site was renamed "The Green Day Authority" and the rest is history. Kind of. For a full history of the site read this page.
How did GDA get it's name? What does it mean?
The name is based on 'Minority' "I don't need your authority" - so what better type of authority than one for all things Green Day?
Have any of the team members met the band?
Yup. Different members of the GDA team have been lucky enough to meet and talk to Green Day on a few different occasions.
Does Green Day know about GDA?
Yup. They've told us the few times that we've met them that they visited the site and liked what we did. So...yay! Actually, Tre told us "You guys need to update my drums page. You guys have a lot of shit wrong there." So we were both embarrassed that we had some mistakes, but ecstatic that he knew the site well enough to find our mistakes.

Billie Joe actually attened a party GDA helped organize in NYC when he was on Broadway with "American Idiot". Also, this
Can I join the GDA team?
Maybe? Depends what you do and how good you are. We are currently looking for people to help us write and share Green Day news. If you're intereted, contact us!
Can I use your wallpaper/images/ect?
You are welcome to use anything we post on GDA as long as you credit GDA as your source. We don't mind sharing all our resources with you guys for free, but it sucks when we come across sites and social media accounts that steal our stuff and give no credit to us.
Do you have any other websites?
Our forum Green Day Community. We're thinking of expanding. But ... who knows.
Where can I get the fonts you use on GDA?
Well first check our font downloads page. If you can't find the font there, the best site for free font downloads is
How can I contact you guys?
That's easy, check out the Contact Us page.
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