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Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Worcester, MA
November 13, 1997
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  • Mike: "After a poor set by Superdrag, Green Day took the stage by running and doing a few cartwheels. Billie Joe sported The Queers bumper sticker on the back of his black T-shirt. The band wasted no time in launching into their opener, Going To Pasalacqua. The sound was, to say the least, awesome. The 3,800-seat hall was only about half full, but the band seemed to pounce on its intimacy. Billie Joe spoke freely with the crowd, recalling the melee that took place when they played the Hatch Shell in Boston in 1994. Prior to The Grouch, Billie dedicated the song to all his 18 year old fans who grew up on Dookie - accepting the blame for their presumably fucked-up lives. The set went on to include such hits as: Chump/Longview, Welcome To Paradise, Hitchin' A Ride, She, F.O.D., Basket Case, Geek Stink Breath, and Brain Stew/Jaded. They didn't play J.A.R. or Walking Contradiction, but their playing of so many radio hits clearly showed their love for the music, regardless of its commercial status. The show was as if the band and the crowd were having a big party. Billie Joe donned a necktie thrown on stage prior to Welcome to Paradise, and during Ivy's Knowledge, Armstrong allowed a kid from the audience play his guitar. The mostly hardcore Green Day audience appreciated spirted renditions of 2,000 Light Years Away, and One of My Lies. Newer tracks such as Nice Guys Finish Last, Scattered, and Uptight seamlessly fit into the bands professional set. Billie Joe announced the traditional set closer Paper Lanterns before ripping into a frenzy. As usual, he slowed the tempo down to include an extended interlude with maximum foolishness. He put his guitar down to climb the amps and spray water on the crowd; he got the crowd to clap in unison with an Elmo doll, and he sang the Mickey Mouse theme song. Throughout the night, Tre would toss his drum sticks up in the air behind his back at every chance he got. At one point, he picked up a large handful, hit his snare once, and threw them everywhere. The band returned to loud applause as they launched into their encore, Prosthetic Head. This new track sounded dynamite, with its soft-loud-soft-loud dynamics and ascending vocal harmonies memorizing the crowd. Next came When I Come Around, complete with vocal support from the audience. As the song ended, Billie Joe thrashed on his G5 chord while Mike and Tre demolished the stage. Everything, save for BJ's mic stand, had to go. The carnage was so serious that Tre Cool ended up limping off stage. Billie Joe finally rested his guitar against the amp, and exited the stage to resonating feedback and tremendous cheers. He returned a minute later to perform Good Riddance - the touching solo number which brought out all the lighters. He placed his mike stand on top of his front monitor amp, and, standing as close to the crowd as possible (about four feet away), opened up his heart. When it was over, he said nothing, but his face had this sincere look of, 'Well, wasn't that perfect?' In the end, the whole night was perfect. Green Day might have lost its Top 40 status, but neither the band nor its fans seem to care. In fact, if Green Day continues to put on such complete shows as last Thursday's, their best days may very well still be ahead of them."
Photos from Worcester, MA
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1. Going To Pasalacqua
2. The Grouch
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Welcome To Paradise
6. Hitchin' A Ride
7. She
8. F.O.D.
9. Basket Case
10. Geek Stink Breath
11. Brain Stew
12. Jaded
13. Welcome To Paradise
14. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
15. 2,000 Light Years Away
16. One Of My Lies
17. Nice Guys Finish Last
18. Scattered
19. Uptight
20. Paper Lanterns
21. Prosthetic Head
22. When I Come Around / Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song
23. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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