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Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland
January 25, 1998
Other Acts:
D Generation
  • Incompete setlist
  • Total Music: "It was a restless crowd who chanted 'You fat bastard!' to the roadie tuning up the instruments before the concert had begun. D Generation stormed onto stage (late, admittedly), giving their all. The crowd jumped, screamed, and shouted. But this wasn't what they were there for. A restless fifteen minutes followed the departure of the support band. The tension was building. Finally, as Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre ran onstage, the crowd were happy. Happy, in a violent, deafening way, but happy. A quick hello by Billie Joe led into Welcome To Paradise, allowing the crowd a chance to have a long awaited sing and jump a long. The other classic live tracks soon followed, together with new tracks such as Nice Guys Finish Last, The Grouch and Prosthetic Head. The band were their usual crazy selves, spraying a variety of fluids into the audience, swearing, offending and pouting. Billie Joe invited an audience member out to play Knowledge, sending the crowd even more wild. At the end, Mike and Tre trashed their instruments, and the entire right handside of the stage, leaving Billie Joe to numb the crowd with his guitar feedback. Ten minutes of this had the crowd dizzy with the noise, but then he stepped forward and proceeded to play Good Riddance solo. A greatend to a great concert. I'll certainly be returning to see them again."
  • Herald Scotland: "My idea of perfection is simplicity and efficiency combining in beauty. The simple rose, the simple bacon sandwich, and, of course, the holy trinity of guitar, bass and drums.
    This is the absolute minimum required to play rock 'n' roll of any kind: addition to this is needless embellishment. Which is part of the reason I am going nuts at the moment, pogoing like a maniac to the live sound of Green Day. My fellow gig-goers and I are being treated to near punk perfection as the American three piece batter us senseless. The music is melodious, intelligent, and uplifting yet played so loud and with such vigour that the end result is so stupifyingly overwhelming it's hard to catch your breath. Luckily the chaos abates from time to time as the singer does his stand-up routine. During the evening he wears any and all clothes thrown to him, dresses included, he leads chants, he ridicules the band Bush, and at one point pulls a volunteer from the crowd to play guitar. His staring enthusiasm is infectious enough to drive away the niggling doubt that I'm watching Jimmy Krankie, school uniform and all. There is a bit too much stadium rock nonsense for me but I suppose Barrowland is the smallest venue Green Day have played in years and nobody else seemed to mind. Anyway the music is good enough to smooth away any rough edges in the edges. The holy trinity proves its supremacy yet again."
Photos from Glasgow, Scotland
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1. Welcome To Paradise
2. Nice Guys Finish Last
3. The Grouch
4. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
5. Prosthetic Head
6. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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