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Palalido in Milan, Italy
February 20, 1998
Other Acts:
D Generation
  • Incomplete setlist
  • diambramaria: "Hands down my favorite throwback EVER."
  • mamipunker: "I was in the front row at the Green Day concert at Palalido (in my opinion the best concert in Italy yet). I would like to know if anyone who was there has a recording of the concert."
  • Di Piazza: "The tickets to the Green Day show at Palalido are sold out long in advance: great expectations for the punk rock band "Green Day" tonight at the scene of only Palalido square Stuparich for Milan Concerts. Doors open at 18:30, D Generation start at 20:30 and at 21.30 it's showtime for Green Day."
  • Adnkronos: "Rome, February 18 - the tickets to the Green Day's only concert in Italy scheduled for next Friday in Milan's Palalido are all sold out. The concert promoter, has started a campaign urging the public not to go to Palalido without a ticket because the doors will remain closed at all times during the show."
  • VirusOk: "I was there! Billie Joe was chubby, there were more songs from Kerplunk and 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours in the setlist, most people who came were local punks and everyone pogoed during Good Riddance. The ticket cost as little as 35,000 lire. I crashed at someone's house (I didn't live in Milan) with face and neck all bruised and in hair dye."
  • beatonthebrat: "I was there. The concert was really loud and intimate. I saw Tre Cool walk out of the building with two bodyguards before the concert. I tried to greet him. Then he hung out around the merch booth. He shook my hand and said something I did not quite catch. He had bright green hair. BJ had black spiked hair and wore all black. Going To Pasalacqua was terrific."
Photos from Milan, Italy
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1. Going To Pasalacqua
2. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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