The White House in Augusta, GA
July 28, 1990
Other Acts:
Neato Torpedo
  • Nosebleed: "Time machine back to 1990. I played in a sorta punk rock band called Neato Torpedo. We were forever playing all-ages clubs. There was one called The White House right across the street from our rehearsal space. And as a matter of convenience, we ended up pretty much being the house band there. Green Day came through one weekend. This was before they got the major label deal, so they weren't all that well-known, but they were good as shit even back then. So my band got to open the show for Green Day. It was really cool. They said later that we were the best band they'd shared the stage with the entire tour. After the show, we got to hang out for several hours. The owner of the club had been raiding a nearby warehouse which housed prizes for the annual fair here. And as a result, he just happened to have a huge box of wiffle balls in the green room. So, Neato Torpedo had a wiffle ball war with Green Day (bet none of you can say that, nan nanny boo boo) my bass player Brian was on my team as well as Mike Dirnt from Green Day. Brian ended up getting off a lucky shot on Billie Joe Armstrong resulting in one hellacious nosebleed. It was great punk rock fun."
  • DoubleCrossXX: "...We saw some really great bands play – everyone from Econochrist, to Neurosis (pre-drum circle era), to a pre-fame Green Day. But to us they were the warm up acts for the big event that was happening at the end of July..."
  • Aaron Cometbus: "Got offered a buck for each tooth we could knock out of promoter mouth and were very tempted."
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