Stafford Opera House in Bryan, TX
February 08, 1993
Other Acts:
Yuck, Rugburn
  • Incomplete setlist
  • "Time After Time" was performed by Billie Joe Armstrong and Yuck
  • Mike D.: "Green Day - pre-Woodstock, played pool with them, cool guys."
  • Francis Garcia: "I believe one of the Beefamato dudes (not Jud Thomas) filmed this show... ...Yup, we drove billie to Albertson's in my Hyundai Excel to buy him tea."
  • therhymerr: "No big bands have come through except Green Day in the 90's at the Old Stafford."
  • Amy Earhart: "They slept on Todd and Rob Tizard's couch after that show. Apparently they were very impressed with Todd's boa snakes."
  • Chad Springer: "There were also maybe only 50 people at this show. I remember being almost more excited about seeing Yuck."
  • "They put on an incredibly energetic live show in Austin (and more than made up for the absolutely horibble opening act, Orafist), and are actually coming here to College Station soon."
  • CoolaidWade: "I guess I'm a little more hardened in life... I remember seeing Green Day in Bryan, TX in '93 and Billie Joe spit a lugie across the stage and Mike Dirnt caught it in his mouth. That was totally punk."
  • Blake Bickham: "...this was pre-Rob in Tauber. I was still living there. I think they stayed in the Holleman house but they did come by to see Todd's snakes. I remember playing some pool with them before the show. Good times."
  • Michael Czysz: "I remember the Jodie Foster girl at least messing around with one of those guys. Maybe the bass player, but that was a long time ago. Much more memorable was the heroic amount of pot smoked by the Tre and he still played well."
  • Craig Wright: "I only remember Marq was filming because the drummer from Green Day kept eyeballing his camera. Marq looked at me and said, 'Keep an eye on that dude, I'm gonna fuck him up if he messes with my camera.' Marq was a super nice guy but homeboy was a Baytown brawler as well!"
  • Maroon Weekly: "One of the staples of Downtown Bryan entertainment, The Grand Stafford Theater, is back and newly renovated. The Stafford's stage has been graced by the likes of No Doubt, Lyle Lovett, Green Day, and the venue has gained a loyal following over the years for its high-capacity space and for the groups it hosted."
  • Jason Graeber: "If I remember right the kids from Little Rock had made T-shirts that said Geffen on them with the Lookout! eyes in the 'ff' because the rumor was they were going to sign with Geffen. I remember having some conversation with Tre after the show about how he should not worry about what a bunch of kids from Little Rock thought."
  • Michelle Kratchman Garcia: "Here are the stories I know of that night: Green Day stayed in the Holleman house in the garage. And rumor has it that some things went down with a female fan. (I have no actual proof of that. Joe and Mike told me.) And Joe was wearing a 'F-ck you We're from Texas' shirt and Tre Cool liked it so much that he traded him for the shirt he had. Which was really awesome. They were about to sign to Geffen and it said 'Sellout' instead of 'Lookout' (in the Lookout! font). And we did cover Razors [by Monsula]! I can't remember if Mike jumped onstage, but Billie Joe fully sang Time After Time with Yuck. ...Billie Joe was the one who was sick. Francis [Garcia, of Yuck] and I went to buy him hot tea."
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1. Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)
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