KC Pavillion in Corpus Christi, TX
February 07, 1993
Other Acts:
Sweet Daddy, Downpour, Six Seventeen
  • Incomplete setlist
  • "Green Day's set ended in a riot."
  • "According to Tre Cool, four songs for Dookie were ready at the moment."
  • subCCultured: "...six7teen opened for Green Day in February 1993."
  • Raul Lara: "I remember that show and the party at the building, good times!"
  • Arnulfo Gutierrez: "Yeah, they were pissed at the rent-a-cop for throwing someone out. They played Operation Ivy, and PA got turned off and we all sang together."
  • Tonya Yarbrough: "Any of my old school Corpus peeps remember this? It’s from 1993 when Green Day played for 5 bucks. Then we all hung out at the Sweet Daddy house downtown and partied with them."
  • Terry Lee: "...They partied with my friend Kelly afterwards. BJ called me at my home, but it was too late to go out. I was only 16. ...It was my brother Hector. They tried kicking him out, because he had his shirt off. I remember they jumped him. He got his ass beat. Poor guy. Steel cap boot to the face. ...I remember we were all pissed off. I think they played like 2 weeks later. The show was killer, I couldn't count how many fights went on that night."
  • Richard Guerrero: "...a few years later, Cano teamed up with friend Cris Puryear to book the Berkeley, Calif. pop punk band Green Day for a concert at the Knights of Columbus Hall in 1993."
  • René Sáenz: "Dang, I remember this show at the KC Hall. This was a crazy night, assuming it was the Green Day show, I remember the management cutting off the mics when Green Day was performing and calling the cops. We later partied with the band that night at someone's pad downtown."
  • ‎Alicia Wildiverge: "I don't think any of us knew they would break like they did after this, but the show was awesome. I remember getting all pissed and going after some fucking drunk guy who had headbutted me twice and somebody pulling me off of him. Party at a building downtown which Green Day attended. Lots of alcohol and weed."
  • Adrian Gutierrez: "I beat the crap out of a guy wearing a Deicide shirt for being a dick to the kids. I ended up ripping his shirt off of his back at one point. In the chaos the guy got his leg broken. I saw Hale jumping on the dude's leg when I had him on the ground. Pretty sure that's how his leg got broke, but Hale always denied that his jumping on the dude's knee could not have been the cause of the injury. Oh, those were the days."
Photos from Corpus Christi, TX
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1. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
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