The Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, OH
June 03, 1992
Other Acts:
Libido Boyz, Psykaos
  • r.john xerxes piche: "Green Day at the Euclid Tavern just to watch Vaigl heckle them yelling, 'Freebird'."
  • Marah Eakin: "Green Day, playing a Wednesday night a couple of weeks earlier, rolled away from the club with a fat $100 paycheck."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "I wrote 'Having A Blast' in Cleveland in 1992. Had a great show at the Euclid Tavern, but the rest of the night was miserable."
  • Stuckyard: "Anyone who is staying in town through the weekend may want to check out the Euclid Tavern, it's the first place I ever saw Green Day in 1992 and a pretty historical bar as far a Cleveland music history goes."
  • Cleveland Historical: "When Suhar retired from performing at the Euclid Tavern, another employee from the tavern kitchen, Derek Hess, began booking Monday night shows featuring touring underground rock bands. Burgeoning "alternative" acts like Helmet, Pantera, Pavement, and Green Day - whose tours might have skipped Cleveland before Hess helped restore the city's reputation as a rock and roll destination - now had a place to play in Cleveland where they knew they would be treated well."
  • Peter Woodward: "Not at my place, but I heard that they stayed at the Starvation Army guys' house on the Kerplunk! tour, and totally trashed it. That would be in Cleveland, OH, circa 1992 or so."
  • The Summer Kent Stater: "Years ago, in June of 1992, I saw Green Day at a small bar in Cleveland called the Euclid Tavern. I was excited to see them because I always figured no club would actually play a cool band like them, and I was gonna see one of my pop-core heroes. The turnout for that show was small —about 50 people or so. But that’s not the point. They played a great set in support of their new album at the time, Kerplunk."
  • greendayfan_ (Isabella): "Some of Dave Begalka's (Libido Boyz bassist) bass gear went missing, and a couple of months later, he saw Mike Dirnt when they were both playing shows in the Bay Area. Turns out, the bass gear got mixed up with Dirnt's equipment in Cleveland in '92, and he'd been keeping it safe for him the whole time. 'I thought that was just downright a swell thing to do,' Begalka said. 'As I recall, I think we couch surfed at BJ's that night... By the way, I still use the lost guitar strap that went around the US with Green Day.'"
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