Hippycore Krew House in Phoenix, AZ
November 22, 1990
Other Acts:
Cringer, Monsula
  • Noah: "I saw Green Day at a house party in Arizona before they were famous."
  • Darren Nonversation: "First time I saw this band [Monsula] was at a house show, with CRINGER, opening up for GREEN DAY. Thanksgiving, 1990."
  • Eric Astor: "Working on this series was especially exciting for me. The first time I saw Green Day in 1990. They played in the living room of a friend in Tempe, Arizona, and we were totally amazed! I was a big fan since."
  • Kamala Parks: "I'm gonna air some dirty laundry with these guests. First I'm gonna start with Tre Cool. Speaking of the time when I was with Green Day coming down to Arizona on a long 15-hour drive in a van and we were going to play Hippycore house in Tempe. Hippycore house was all-vegan and it was for Thanksgiving. And entire 15 fucking hours Tre was making sad turkey noises! I wanted to kill him! But luckily I didn't."
  • "...Then we went to a show at this place called "Hippycore" and there were all these people with long hair standing around eating vegetables and stuff. It was kind of icky. But the worst thing was when I found out that some OTHER bands were going to play, too..." This part of "My Adventure with Green Day" by Larry Livermore (aka Laurie L.), might be a reference to the show.
  • New York Times: "...Back in the day, as he put it recently — which is to say from the late 1980s to the mid-'90s — he was a zine editor and the author, with Jack Kahn, of the 'Soy, Not 'Oi!'' cookbook, copies of which Ms. Banks spotted in every house she visited. His Hippycore Krew House in Tempe, Ariz., had Green Day perform in its living room, as well as a 'lot of malnourished vegan punks,' he said."
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