De Scamele Rùter in Leeuwarden, Netherlands
January 03, 1992
Other Acts:
O.D. On Holy
  • VPRO: "Towards the end of 1991, promoter Ton van der Werf was approached with the question whether he wanted to book an American punk band a show in the north of the country. Green Day called. 'I knew the name, but didn't have their records,' says van der Werf. 'Green Day was another typical band of the record label Lookout - crappy production and poppy, catchy songs.' But he agreed. Under the name Stifting Hollebatsers he organized the two regular concerts in Leeuwarden's Brewer area. 'Brewer area was already occupied for most part but we were very eager to arrange this.' The flyer was decorated with pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and former drummer Al Sobrante, who was already replaced by Tré Cool. After spending the night on a mattress in Ton van der Werf's living room, Green Day set out for Leeuwarden. As opposed to a well-attended performance at the Simplon in Gronigen, only 35 people came to the show. Douwe Walsweer also was there that night performing with his hardcore punk band, O.D. On Holy. 'They were very nice people, actually,' says Walsweer. 'They were very courteous and polite. We had no idea they would be so famous.' Even though the reception left to be desired, it didn't seem to bother the young band much. There were a lot of better shows. A year later, the band released a breakthrough album, 'Dookie'. After selling millions of records, playing shows all over the world and every major festival, trying all kinds of sex and drugs with inevitable consequences, Billie Joe Armstrong seems to be far behind the time when he tried to ride a skateboard while being hungover in Leeuwarden."
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