Washington Park Community Center in Denver, CO
June 29, 1990
Other Acts:
Insight (headliner), Suede Fruit, Velcro Overdose
  • Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks: "In the summer of 1990, I brought Green Day to Denver on their first tour. They played the Washington Park Community Center. About 50 people showed up. That night one of us jokingly put a Sub Pop sticker on the Insight van."
  • Lori Herbst: "I have no idea about Insight playing as it was so hot in that space when Green Day played that I wasn't interested in being in there for another band. There may have been 50 paying audience but I'm telling you there were no more than 2 dozen in the room when they played. I recall thinking how scarce it was..."
  • Rich Jacobs: "Insight played and stayed at Corey's house. They were our friends, later some of the members turned into Iceburn. I met Aaron Cometbus (Crimpshrine) at that show, he was the roadie for Green Day - and we climbed a nearby building to escape the heat. I think we traded zines. I have it still and I think either Rob or Mark Hayworth (Inside Out, Hard Stance, etc.) was with Insight maybe and wrote Zach Del La Rocha's phone number in the back of my Cometbus zine for me."
  • Chris Shary: "Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. I saw these guys for the first time on their first tour of the States in I believe 1990. They played a rec center in Denver to maybe 2 dozen people. I knew then that they were far better than where they were playing but never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted the heights that they would soar to. It's very very impressive. Glad to see them still kicking ass and taking out some truly amazing bands this past year. They are good dudes and they have earned it all. Huzzah!"
Photos from Denver, CO
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