Mayfair Theatre in Ventura, CA
December 29, 1992
Other Acts:
Jughead's Revenge, Harmful If Swallowed, Citizen Down, Strung Out
  • Metalhit: "Ventura had a venue which was great had a half pipe inside but eventually the beach nazis had to kill it, there was a wild shooting at a Green Day gig of all things."
  • Ventura County Reporter: "There were lots of shows at the Mayfair. The shows were well-attended, but times were different. There were lots of gangs/skinheads making some shows kind of scary. All the bands that were going to be huge in a few more years played at the Mayfair: NOFX, Pennywise, The Offspring all had shows there. There was the infamous Green Day riot when a gang got kicked out of the show, came back, busted through the back door and started hitting people with pipes, ending the show before Green Day played."
  • The Sound Alarm: "Another one of our most memorable back stage moment was when we supported Green Day on Christmas Eve and the bill was stacked with names like Strung Out, Jughead's Revenge & yours truly [Citizen Down]. Throughout the night fights were breaking out. We could hear them from backstage, and you can just smell the tension in the air. We finally hit the stage and by the 3rd song a brawl broke out and we stopped so they could gather themselves. So we start playing again and the crowd starts getting into our music, then I look to my left and only see guys with pipes and crowbars! So I turn for one second to signal the band and to my surprise when I looked back they were beating people with these pipes! Shortly after that, we heard gunshots outside and then sirens. Needless to say, the show was over. Green Day and Jughead's Revenge were bummed they didn't get to play, thanks to 'The Rumble on Christmas Eve.'"
Photos from Ventura, CA
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