Cybelle's Pizza in El Cerrito, CA
January 01, 1992
Other Acts:
The 2:00 Tour, Schlong
  • Gavin MacArthur: "I remember playing with Green Day at Cybelle’s Pizza in a little strip mall in El Cerrito. That was fun."
  • Micah Estes: "But seriously... This sounds so cliche, but I remember seeing them play at Cybelle's Pizza in El Cerrito years back and overhearing Mike (Dirnt) rapping with this girl about a music theory class he took at CCC (or UC CCC as he called it - i.e. 'you see CCC and you laugh!') and about how they just finished a European tour yadda yadda... And I remember thinking, 'Man, wouldn't it be kooky if these guys actually made it? Wouldn't that be just wild and wacky?' A couple years later my brother sees their video on MTV while in Egypt (!) of all places. Wild and wacky, indeed, sir."
  • Joey Schaaf: "After I left the Dance Hall Crashers I started a band called The 2:00 Tour. One day when I was leaving the Practice Pad, Tony Su, the manager of Cybelle's Pizza stopped me as he was driving by. He asked if my band wanted to open up for this new band called Green Day. I said, "Sure, why not?" At the time Green Day was so new of a band that I had not heard of them. It was a great show and an honor to play with my favorite band Schlong. All our friends and family were there to see us. Schlong was awesome as usual making me laugh until I cried. Green Day played an amazing and powerful set. Afterwards I told them how impressed I was saying, "You guys are like the Beatles of punk rock, you are going to be big, just wait and see."
Photos from El Cerrito, CA
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