Antenna Club in Memphis, TN
July 30, 1990
Other Acts:
Step By Step
  • Jason White: "I met Billie and Mike on Green Day's first tour. My band, Step By Step from Little Rock, opened for Green Day in Memphis at Antenna Club. Only they didn't show up, at least in time to play the show. We stretched our set as long as we could, we probably knew 10 songs. The club gave up on them showing and announced the show was over and gave people half their money back. We were loading out when they pulled up in their van, 'Are we too late?' A few stragglers were still hanging around outside. Someone was having a party so we all followed them over to a house in Midtown. We ended up hanging out for a few hours before we had to head back to Little Rock."
  • Matthew Thompson: "Not long after Jason White was kicked out of Numbskulz, the Women's City Club show happened. That night, Jason met some kids who were already playing together but needed a frontman. Steve Kooms, Marcus Lowe and Josh Bentley initiated Jason and they began working on songs. Step By Step started playing local shows and recorded a demo, then Fletcher Clement booked them to open for Green Day at Antenna Club in Memphis. SBS played but Green Day had some troubles getting there and didn't make it in time but hung out with Step By Step and other kids at an after-party. Aaron Cometbus was with Green Day and the SBS demo had a cover of Crimpshrine's 'Easy Answers.' Jason gave Billie a copy of the tape before they said their goodbyes. A few years later, Pinhead Gunpowder needed a guitarist and Aaron suggested Jason to Billie. Something like, 'You remember that kid that gave you that tape in Memphis? The one with the Crimpshrine cover? How about him?' And the rest is history, kids."
Photos from Memphis, TN
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