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The Core in Enola, PA
July 14, 1990
Other Acts:
2 Car Family, Gear Head, Eight Ball
  • Joe McRedmond: "My fondest recollection was taking them to Pathmark and they rearranged all the price signs. I went to high school with the store manager and he was pissed!"
  • gdtourvan1990: "... The show that night was at The Core, located in an overgrown thicket at the end of West Locust street in Enola, PA. It was an abandoned biker bar that had clearly seen better days; but just seeing its two island bars and the chickenwire screen in front of the stage, they must have been fun days. It’s now a tidy neighborhood of townhomes. Kill me now. The night was a hot, wet and humid. New to the guys was how warm it stayed in the evening east of the Rockies. It could be a hot day in the East Bay, but come sundown, the fog rolls in. There were few warm evenings at Gilman Street and these hot humid nights were distinctly different. Being a van, this evening hosted my favorite band of the tour, Gear Head! They rolled up in a 1972 chop top Gen-2 E-300 with vertical exhaust stacks. Insane! Their guitar player had a blue oval tattoo and the double kick drum heads were festooned with schematics of the Ford flathead 6! They were all FORD! Whatever happened to those guys? I think they were from Maryland. ..."
Photos from Enola, PA
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