Zeche Bochum in Bochum, Germany
October 01, 2004
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The Donnas
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  • "the pompous "So Spoke Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss announced the main course: Green Day. There they stood, the three gentlemen and made directly on very thick pants. But why not, and it was clear from the beginning that Billie Joe Armstrong had the raging 700 people under his nose. It started right off with "American Idiot" including "I do it - you do it" jokes, the new tracks "Jesus Of Suburbia", "Holiday", "Are We The Waiting" and "St. Jimmy" made for Another mood, drummer Tre pulled his face as usual and raged behind his kit, bassist Mike Dirnt skillfully kept cool in the strings. Incidentally, the three are supported at times by additional musicians on guitar, percussion, keyboard and 2-man brass section. "Longview", "Basket Case", the Operation Ivy cover "Knowledge", "King For A Day" (including "Shout") led to The Clash's cover "I Fought The Law" before copying with "Minority "went to the grand finale with the Queens cover" We Are The Champions ". As I said: thick pants. (Meanwhile, Billy Joe took someone from the audience onto the stage, so that this fan took over the guitar part for half a song ("you only need three chords!"), Solved this task well and was passed with a befitting Stagedive. After an alleged power outage, Billy Joe came back on stage armed with an acoustic guitar to tune in "When I Come Around," but after a short while, the entire band got back on stage and rocked the song to the end. In addition, "Johnny B. Goode" was covered, a guitar was given away and parts of the drum kit were destroyed. The boys just know what is theirs."
  • Addicted: "So the concert was as expected the absolute top hammer! Donnas ... um, very nice, but not my case. Then came Green Day with intro and everything, so properly staged the whole thing. Have just played a few songs from the new album (American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Are we waiting the, St. Jimmy) In between, Billie Joe has called on the fans always to call "EO"
    What I found very nice was that he said, "They say we could only play 45 minutes, but we say 'Fuck you.
    Then they played a great 'classic': Longview. And then Knowledge (cover from Operation Ivy). The song they play as far as I know at every concert, also every time (as well as in Bochum) get one from the audience who plays on Billie Joe's guitar (the good piece is Blue). In the background trumpet and sax. Then a nice stage diving from the stage and on we went with basket case. To be honest, I've been to a couple of gigs, but I have never experienced such extreme pacing before. Hell. I looked at my buddies after the concert. Her t-shirts were completely torn * lol *
    After basket case she played fast and then we continued with King for a day. Is one of my favorite songs and they have also brought over really cool: When trumpet and sax were always quieter, everyone crouched down. When it was louder again Billie Joe came up with a king coat and fooled around (for example, he threw his coat so that he looked like a grandma ). He then made the crowd happy, with a little water that he distributed across the room. In the middle of the song, the boys then housed "Animal House's Shout" (that's the song from the Veltins commercial, I think).
    After that they played I fought the law (a clash cover), Minority (again with thousands of "EO's"), We are the champions (Queen-Cover). They left the stage completely rash. All fans of course "encore" and "Green Day, Green Day" or "We want more" At some point, they came back then, but have said that they have no electricity. Billie Joe has set the front of the stage with the acoustics, asked for silence and played when I come around. He was not heard at all, because all fans sang the song (was a very cool moment ). In the middle of the stream went back to (haha) and they started again fully. Brain stew (with "Here we go ..."), Jaded, Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry Cover) and finally they have played my absolute favorite song: Who wrote Holden Caulfield? About two hours later, they still signed autographs. Overall, the concert was amazing (even fans who saw the Dookie Tour say)! I'll never ever forget the day again ... The only thing that was stupid was that there was absolutely no merchandising. Well, it was worth it anyway."
Photos from Bochum, Germany
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1. American Idiot
2. Jesus of Suburbia
3. Holiday
4. Are We the Waiting
5. St. Jimmy
6. Longview
7. Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)
8. Basket Case
9. She
10. King for a Day
11. Shout (Isley Brothers Cover)
12. I Fought the Law (Crickets Cover)
13. Minority
14. We Are the Champions (Queen Cover)
15. When I Come Around
16. Brain Stew
17. Jaded
18. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry Cover)
19. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
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