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Pop Disaster Tour, Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, IL
June 15, 2002
Other Acts:
Blink-182 (co-headliner), Saves The Day, Simple Plan, others
  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • Kerry: "Ok, well first of all, once the bands started playing, there were groups of people that started pushing and running into each other. There was crowdsurfing. One girl fell on my head. It hurt so bad. but I wanted to see Blink 182 so bad, that I just put up with it. (They played last.) And I got squished against everyone else. You just can't breathe when they do that! and you try so hard to not fall to the ground. If you do, you're probably not gonna get up. The security guy said to me, 'Are you ok?' Then someone got pushed into me again, and he had to hold onto me so I wouldn't get knocked over. I have a huge bruise on me from that night. I loved the music, and seeing the band in person. But when everyone is doing that crap it just sort of ruins it for the other people. The ones that actually want to watch and enjoy the show."
  • Mike: "They announced that Green Day was up next and everyone screamed. A guy in a bunny suit came out with what looked like a bong in his hand. The lights dimmed and a siren blarred. An explosion started off the set as Green Day got to their instruments and started with Maria. A lot of the concert was a blur beacuse of the pure adrenilane rush I got. But it could been because of the guys smokinig pot in front of us. During Brain Stew the whole middle was in motion. During She everyone sang along at Billie's request. They trashed the drum set and TRE LIT IT ON FIRE! It was cool as hell watching it burn while the trumpet players in chicken suits played the Star Spangled Banner. Then Billie Joe came out and did Time of Your Life and everyone had their lighters out."
Photos from Tinley Park, IL
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1. Maria
2. Longview
3. Welcome To Paradise
4. Hitchin' A Ride
5. Brain Stew
6. Jaded
7. 2,000 Light Years Away
8. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
9. Basket Case
10. She
11. King For A Day
12. Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)
13. Waiting
14. Minority
15. When I Come Around
16. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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